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 Thread Types, Tags, and Completing Threads.

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Thread Types, Tags, and Completing Threads. Left_bar_bleue5/30Thread Types, Tags, and Completing Threads. Empty_bar_bleue  (5/30)

Thread Types, Tags, and Completing Threads. Empty
PostSubject: Thread Types, Tags, and Completing Threads.   Thread Types, Tags, and Completing Threads. EmptyFri Jan 16, 2015 4:32 pm

There are 3 types of threads. Non-combat threads, PvE threads, PvP threads.

Non-combat threads are story-telling threads where you RP with each other for the sake of the RP experience and fleshing out your characters personality as well as social life. These threads are important to gaining allies with other players. Standard XP gains apply, 1 XP per post.

PvE threads are when you are facing off against an NPC or a monster, whether they are controlled by a member of staff or player. You get 1 XP per post as well as Texp equal to the level of the monster you defeated. Everyone gets TEXP equal to the level of monsters defeated. Elves receive double TEXP thanks to their racial trait.
-For players controlling the monsters, they earn 1 XP per post for whichever character they want.

PvP threads are either duels between characters, or group battles between players. These threads are closely watched by the staff, as they tend to have the highest percent of god-modding. Each participant receives 1 XP per post they make. The winning player or team of players gets TP equal to the levels of their opponents. In the case of a draw, players get TP equal to half of the opposing party's level.

NOTE: Threads in which you have a friendly spar with another character for the sake of RP is counted as an RP thread, not a PvP thread. You can go about these anyway you please, whether you decided to track damage or not. Characters will only receive XP in these threads, the same as RP threads.

Now for labels, there are just a few types:
[Private] Indicates the thread is a private thread. Unless invited, do not join these.
[Open] Indicates that a thread is open to anyone that wants to join.
[Awaiting Acceptance] Indicates the thread needs to be accepted by a member of staff.
[Close] Indicates the thread is closed and dealt with completely

When completing threads, someone be courteous and tally everyone's post count. The end of a thread should look like this:

End of a PvE Thread:

End of a PvP Thread:

Remember, have fun, but make sure everyone else has fun as well!
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Thread Types, Tags, and Completing Threads.
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