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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyMon Jan 19, 2015 9:58 pm

Respect other members of the forum
Be polite and courteous to other members of the forum. It's fine to goof around and have a good time, but be cautious to who you do it to.

Respect other people's threads
Unless the thread has stated it is open to join, do not join a thread you are not invited to. Especially not threads marked as [closed]. Some players like to have their characters closer to other character's of their choice and wish to have threads dedicated to just those people. Sorry, but that's how it is. That being said, be sure to RP with all members. Make this place fun for everyone, not just your inner circle.

Do not post pornography or sexually sensitive material
Do not post any sort of sexual content whatsoever. We have player's of all ages here, so it's not appropriate for them to be constantly spammed with it, even if it is the internet. Plus, forumotion doesn't allow it.

Respect members of staff
Always respect members of staff. If you disagree with how something was dealt with, PM an admin and we will look further into it. If the punishment was dealt by an admin, well, not much you can do there.

Do not spam or troll
This is common sense. Do not spam the forum or troll. Doing so will put you in time-out. Repeatedly doing so will put you in permanent time-out.

Do not double post
Unless necessary with an update or new information, do not double post, especially in RP threads. There should be no reason at all that you would have two posts in a row in the RPG boards while in character.

Do not god mod
Do NOT. I repeat, Do NOT god mod. God-modding is failure to calculate HP, or calling hits without the other person's consent. This is considered a serious offense as it affects RP value and disrespects other members of the board.

Respect post order
Respect post order! Post order is defined as the order in which players joined the RP thread. For example:
Thread 1: P1 posts, P2 posts, P3 posts
Post order is: P1, Then P2, Then P3.
Thread 2: P1 posts, P2 posts, P1 posts, P3 joins and posts.
Post order is: P1, P3, then P2.
You should not have 2 posts before someone else in the topic can post. Everyone should have 1 post before the next posts.

Remember when you are in a thread. We all have lives, but you're making others wait the longer you do no post. If a member fails to post in 2 days, it is alright to continue the thread without them. They can return at anytime.

Do not CHEAT
If you are able to find anyway to cheat the system, DO NOT DO IT. Doing so will result in harsh punishment.
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General Rules
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