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 Combat! How it's Done

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PostSubject: Combat! How it's Done   Combat! How it's Done EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 5:03 am

In simplest terms, combat is determined by the differences of stats and levels.

Every post will be limited to 2 actions, but only 1 attack. That means you can dodge/attack. Block/Attack. And any other combination of 2 actions you can think og.

Either Strength or Will will be used for either physical or magical attacks respectively. The only time Agility will be used is for Ranged Weaponry or skill weapons.
You start by declaring your attack and calculating total potential damage. You DO NOT call hits. I repeat, YOU DO NOT call hits. Your opponent will. If it seems they aren't getting hit and aren't playing fair, notify a member of staff for potential godmodding.

You have 3 options for Defending: Blocking, Dodging, and Deflecting.
Blocking, you will take damage, but your Toughness stat will be included so you can take less damage. That means the damage you take is Potential damage - TGH = Damage taken.
Dodging. Refer to the "The concept of Dodging" thread located in RPG rules and systems.
Deflecting, you can choose to knock away an opponent's attack, but this can be risky. If your Str stat matches or is above the opponent's Potential Damage, you can choose to knock it away, but you can only knock away your total Str, three times per topic.
(Example: An incoming attack with 10 Damage is knocked away by a defender with 10 Str, this can be done three times.
An incoming attack with 5 Damage is knocked away by a defender with 10 Str, this can be done six times.)

HP will be the stat that is reduced every attack by the Damage Taken. Once HP hits 0, you will be defeated and have to be rescued by another player outside of battle.
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Combat! How it's Done
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