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 Setting and Lore

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The world of F.A.T.E. is a dangerous one, filled with magical creatures of all types. These creatures live on the outside of civilization and are the source of material and resources for the races spread out in the world. The power of these creatures vary greatly from area to area; the ones closer to civilization tend to be weaker than the predators in the deep wilds.

To combat the power of these creatures, Humans have advanced technology to incredible levels. Their tech designs are based on Elven magic, rivaling their power. With advancement in genetic coding, Humans have unreal potential and now have the ability to wield magic. Cities are modern, like in our world, but with much more advanced technology. The barrier of race between humans are near-nonexistent, except for the humans that choose to co-exist with monsters out in the wilds. Humans are extremely close to the elves in terms of relations.

The elves have rich culture in the world of F.A.T.E. Their magical powers come from a pool of energy they call "The Source". Its origins are unknown, though some say it's the heart of the world. Others say it was a monolith in place by an alien race to further the evolution of the world of F.A.T.E. Through this magic, the elves have been able to create their own structures and devices. It has also allowed them to domesticate the creatures closest to their civilizations, providing stable resources to their cities.

Beastmen live scattered throughout the worlds. Their origins lets them endure the harsh environments in the wild. They have constructed basic towns and cities for themselves, while the birdmen have established flourishing trade routes among them to help further their technology.

The Stonekin keep to themselves in the mountains, but have been known to be master craftsmen. Their technology could rival that of the humans had they focused it on a combative nature.

Most of the Ragonar's are nomads, since their primary profession is mercenary work. They have established some towns, but not as many as the other races. Their establishments, however, are rich in Ragonar culture. Each town has its own ways of life.

Persons that venture outside the safety of civilizations are called "hunters". Due to the exotic material produced by creatures in the wilds, Hunters have become a large growing profession. It's very common for a group of hunters to tackle larger creatures in the wild.

Pride and honor never fell to the emotions of the races. A person without their pride is the same as a common thief to the people of F.A.T.E. While power usually equals influence, the races of F.A.T.E. have learned that diplomacy and courtesy helps the advancement of all races.

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Setting and Lore
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