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Vowlear --- Level 2-6
These woodland monsters live in pairs, naturally covering each other when needed. They are fully bathed in natural armor, halving all damage they receive outside of a block. These beasts rarely block, but when they do, their high Toughness rating make them hard-shelled.
Techniques: Mate Call, if they are in danger by themselves, they can roar to the skies, giving their partner a location to their danger. This is a quality most Hunters avoid when attempting to take these beasts out.

Harpy --- Level ???
These flying majestic feminine humanoid-like birds graze the sky, taking on any prey they can get their claws on. They stick to the mountains, naturally having advantage over anything there.

Lizardmon --- Level 1-3
Basic savage beastmen that cause trouble wherever they can. They may be considered underleveled due to the sheer power they hold from sharing ancestry with the beastmen nation. They have a nasty acid spray that melts anything it touches, just not instantly.

Chikador --- Level ???
Friendly, ride-able, edible chicken-like creatures that hail from the Polaro. These monsters were tamed by the bandits and humans living down their as to make life easier. Once upon a time, they ruled the desert themselves.
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Monster Database!
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