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 Game Updates!

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PostSubject: Game Updates!   Game Updates! EmptyTue Feb 10, 2015 8:25 pm

This is the thread in which the players will be notified of game changes or number tweaks. Please do not respond in this thread.


AoE active techniques have received a nerf to damage. Their new values are as follows:

Area of Effect Target Techniques:
Simple: CharacterLevel*0.5 + Governing Stat
Advanced: Characterlevel + Governing Stat
Mastered: Character level*2 + Governing Stat

Techniques have been really slow to acquire. To rectify this, we are boosting the amount of TEXP players get from killing monsters and defeating players. Characters will now receive full TEXP equal to the monsters they have defeated. Elves acquire double TEXP due to their racials.

Elf racial:
Elves receive double Texp from monsters, making it easier to level up in techniques.

Previous Updates:

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Game Updates!
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