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PostSubject: Equipment   Equipment EmptyWed Feb 11, 2015 11:33 am

I've been pondering this for a few days now. This role play reminds me a lot of classic Rpg's and as such I feel equipment would be a nice addition. I know we have it already--but I mean in a more structured way--for instance.

Typical 5-Slot

L. Arm
R. Arm

Every piece of equipment will have a Weight(WT) which will impact your AGI. Some pieces of equipment may also negatively affect other stats. Certain pieces of equipment require a particular level to be used. Custom equipment can be created but require mod/admin approval to ensure they're not overpowered.

Some examples.

[TORSO] Light Robes
+1 WIL +1 AGI -1 TGH
Basic Mage attire, allows freer, faster movement from the user at the expense of increased damage when hit.
+2 WT

[TORSO] Chain Mail
+2 TGH -1 AGI
Basic armor to increase the users durability.
+4 WT

[TORSO][Level 10+] Modern Bodysuit
+4 TGH +2 STR +10 HP -1 AGI
A modern day suit of armor, allowing the user lasting durability and designed to help boost the power of the users physical strikes.
+4 WT

[R. Arm] Ring of (Strength, Toughness, Agility, Will, Health)
+1 to selected stat(+5 to HP)
A ring which gives a small boost to one of the users stats.
+1 WT

[R. Arm][Level 5+] Ring of Increased(stat)
+2 to selected stat(+10 to HP)
A ring with a stronger essence within it--giving a larger boost to its user.
+1 WT

Every 5 WT the user loses 1 AGI.

If you guys like this idea I would be happy to fill out more. We could also use this as a means to give out rewards for topics and would definitely add some variety to the game. We would need to find a way to incorporate money into the game, however. This could be done via defeated monsters, a small starting pool, and a small amount per post in topic.
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PostSubject: Re: Equipment   Equipment EmptyWed Feb 11, 2015 12:04 pm

Staff has already been brainstorming on what to do for Quest Rewards/Equipment, so we're discussing this.

It really just boils down to how much each member is willing to keep track of. When we initially created the forum, we wanted each member to do the least work/math possible, but we rescinded that for just a bit more depth. It'd help to hear how you guys feel about the system so far. Do you want more depth (Equipment, Currency, etc) but have more to keep track of? Or keep it simple?
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