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All about ShawnRQ

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Freelance writer
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Age: (Human) 24, (Humanoid), 115.

Height: 5' 4"

Eye color: golden.

Build: Athletic.

Spoken languages: English, French.

Status: Single. <3

An affluent, otherworldly upbringing has made life quite the enjoyable experience indeed. Since inheriting my grandfather’s regal mansion my innate love of the Great Outdoors has seen nudism become an intriguing way of life. An erudite amorist at heart, I am quite proud of my family’s lineage. It dates as far back as the Mid-18 Century when my great-grandfather, a nobleman named Gustav, found himself rather smitten with a comely maiden by the name of Giovanna von Vülpine who just so happened to be the daughter of a wealthy king who forbade them from marrying. Not wanting to give up on their deep-seated affection for one another, a series of secretive trysts then ensued which nearly saw Gustav slaughtered and Giovanna disowned by her royal bloodline.
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